Meet Our New Intern!

I am Tommy, a junior at Williams College interning at Louison House for the summer.  I have long wished to assist the homeless or less fortunate in some way, and as a psychology major I may someday end up as a counselor.  I chose Louison House for my internship this summer because I wished to learn more about working with the homeless, and I looked for the shelter (or transitional house) that involved itself the most with its residents.  On the job I assist with whatever I can, such as sorting housing applications, updating resource guides, and helping residents move out. Some days I work in the front office and learn what the staff there do, so that I can cover that position when they are needed elsewhere (as though they don’t already have enough to do!).  I had no idea how much paperwork has to be done for just about everything! It’s difficult to imagine how the residents could have kept track of it all without a place to live and without the hard work of the Louison House staff.

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