All staff may be contacted at (413) 663-6323. For general inquiries, send to: or

Kathy Keeser, Executive Director (ext. 2)

Dickilyn MacKinnon, Representative Payee/Program Coordinator and Special Services (ext. 1)

Theresa Dean, Administrative and Fiscal Coordinator (ext. 310)

Nancy Jolin, Emergency Shelter Coordinator (ext. 3)

Moira Miller, PSH and Data Program Specialist (ext. 3)

Greg Mitchell, CDBG and Housing Specialist (ext. 3)

Maryanne Rodriguez, PSH Program Specialist (ext. 3)

Desiree Hulbert, Emergency and Special Services Staff (ext. 3)

Tracy Beany, TH Coordinator (ext. 4)

Maureen Clark, TH Services Coordinator (ext. 4)

Sue Alvarez, TH Staff (ext. 4)

Cathy Schofield, TH Staff (ext. 4)

Maya, TH Staff (ext. 4)