Transitional Housing

The Louison House provides a Transitional Housing Shelter that has been in existence since 1990. As a congregate living shelter, Louison House can house both families and individuals for up to two years but aims to get people out to affordable housing as soon as possible. The average stay at our shelter has increased to 5-6 months due to higher rents and longer wait lists in our area. Entrance to the shelter is prioritized according to Federal HUD guidelines: by level of homelessness (length, etc.), weighted by other federal priorities (domestic violence, safety, disabilities, etc.). All residents work on an Individual Service Plan with staff with the major goal of overcoming any barriers they may have to successfully obtain housing. A range of supportive services are offered, including case management, budget/financial counseling, education/career planning, job/housing search assistance and life-skills training. The purpose of the Transitional Housing Program is to help our residents obtain affordable housing with the income necessary to at least meet their basic living needs and to assist them to reach their personal goals. Most of our residents secure permanent housing upon exit and either maintain or increase their income by the time they leave our housing.

Emergency Sheltering and Housing Support

The Louison House provides an Emergency Sheltering program for youth (18-24) and adults from Northern Berkshire County in immediate need of interim housing. The Louison House currently contracts a motel to provide double rooms for approximately 24 individuals. Like in our TH program, entrance to the shelter is prioritized according to HUD guidelines, and potential entrants remain on a prioritized waitlist until space is available. All residents work on an Individual Service Plan with staff to secure permanent housing, stable income, and the necessary identification documents to do so. Additionally, through the federal Community Development Block Grant program, staff assist North Adams residents to set benchmarks for their individual housing goals.

Permanent Supportive Housing

The PSH Program houses families and individuals that fit the Federal HUD standards for Chronic Homelessness. Louison House has 6 individuals and 3 families in scatter site leased apartments that are subsidized through Louison House. People in this program can stay in their unit for as long as is needed to ensure their later housing success. To support our clients’ progress, Louison House staff provide budgeting and other supportive services to help meet the needs and individual goals of each person, in addition to developing Service Plans for housing success.